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Reading & Comprehension

All types of reading difficulties are catered for, from non-readers to children who are having only minor problems.

Some children may be good readers but have difficulty comprehending what they have read.

We can provide activities and support which will enable these children to understand what they are reading.

Reading affects every area of your child's education, so if your child is weak in several areas we may suggest helping with reading first.


We assist children who have difficulties with spelling and children who would like to improve their spelling and vocabulary knowledge.

We don't just teach children how to spell words.

We also teach them the meanings, the spelling rules, how to extend or shorten words and how to use words in their writing.


We assist children to improve their ability to develop skills in written expression, essay writing, grammar, punctuation and word knowledge.


We help children who have missed out or failed to understand maths skills and concepts.

Once again the class may have moved on without the child understanding the previous skills.

Often children find maths difficult and lose confidence in their ability to learn.

With good teaching strategies and patience we can help these children to learn and become more confident.

We can also help children who simply want to be even more skilled in maths.

Call Roy on 0407 602 667

If your child is struggling to learn or you would like your child to do better at school,


Individual learning programs are designed for students from Prep to 

Year 9

'Helping your child to succeed.'

We can also help your child with their school work.